The Midori browser and its commercial alliances

Astian, Inc is a company that is dedicated to the development of software and services like many other companies (thousands of them), but here is where Astian is different because we respect the privacy of users to the maximum, we do not sell invasive advertising, we do not We profile our users, users are really free to use our products and services, but then how do we finance ourselves? How do we monetize?

Astian is a still small company owned by its employees. We have no external investment and we will keep it that way; This allows us to stay on the right path, in our policies, no tracking, no invasive advertising, no sale of data, and we always emphasize this to users in our communications, but we always need your help, your help allows us to grow , you are indispensable.

Bookmarks of Midori

After many conversations we have reached an alliance with some of the most important and influential companies in the world among them. Amazon, Tripadvirsor, Booking, Ebay, Eneba, Expedia, Shein, Aliexpress, these companies together with Godaddy, Fiverr, Udemy among others have decided to trust Astian and Midori under privacy terms that allow us to generate trust and transmit it to our users . Users will see these sites in an elegant way that does not impair web browsing. Every time users decide to open a tab they will see something like this.

Midori Browser partnership

Although these bookmarks are blocked so that they do not change, the user can modify them so that the sites of interest are there, however, through intelligent suggestions, these bookmarks will change to offer unique promotions for Midori users taking into account the policies. We ask users not to change them as it is a way to support the development of Astian products and services.

Search Engine

Currently there is a king search engine, that is the almost all-ubiquitous Google, it is said this way because Google is on most websites and knows what we do in our digital life, but there are other search engines that, although they are far behind behind, gaining a tenth of the market is important for the development of search engines; Bing, StartPage, Qwant, DuckDuckGO, among others. An alliance has not yet been established with some of the aforementioned search engines, but we are in talks with several to have a strong search engine in Midori.

Currently, the Midori light browser has AstianGO as its default search engine, which is fast and provides accurate results, and is the youngest search engine on the market. We will continue working on it, even if we have an agreement with other search engines, it is something that we always make clear.

Why not Google? We know that financially having Google as allies would give us a boost in every sense, personnel development, hiring, I+D, etc., but just as it benefits us, it ties us to Google’s will and we are not looking for that, we are looking for technological independence, in addition We would go against our values and principles since we would give up the privacy of our users and this is one of the aspects that our users love the most, we care about them before an economic benefit.

We appreciate the trust placed by our thousands of users, it is a pleasure for us to work for you, our users, and to care about developing products and services where privacy and security come first.


A hug

Alfonso Hernandez
Astian, Inc

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