Midori browser committed to privacy

Midori enhances its privacy and security for users.

The world of technology has been revolutionized in the last year, we are already living in the era of artificial intelligence, process automation, business intelligence, operating systems in refrigerators, toasters, IoT, AIoT, war between search engines, endless battle of browsers and more, but there is something that is advancing slowly but creating awareness, PRIVACY, a topic that although there is still a long way to go; always given something to talk about, because the technology giants invade us, without going too far Google has declared war on advertising blockers and it is logical, it goes against its advertising business model, it is a dilemma, in Where advertising in itself is not bad, what is bad is that there is no control because they profile users, sell their data and to make matters worse, they have the ability to spread malware. But don’t worry, at Midori we are working to guarantee the privacy of users.

How does Midori seek to protect user privacy?


This is a new managed service service that will be integrated into Midori version 11.2.0 (we are currently in version 11.1.0 and version 11.1.1 will be available in the next few minutes. What features are offered with this service?

MidoriDNS will be the perfect complement to MidoriVPN

Beneficios de usar MidoriDNS

  • Faster browsing since blocks are made and technologies are applied that allow the acceleration of browsing and games.
  • Anti-malware protection.
  • Protection of native trackers of platforms and/or operating systems.
  • Protection against data mining on the web and much more.

Security options

  • Domains known to distribute malware, launch phishing attacks are active to increase user security.
  • Google Safe Browsing: We still cannot separate ourselves from Google but it is no longer our only security tool against phishing and safe browsing.
  • Protection against Cryptojacking: This is for when users enter websites that are used for cryptocurrency mining.
  • Protection against Typosquatting: This type of protection is for websites that register maliciously to make people believe they are the same, for example midori-browser.com is the correct domain, the attacker can register the domain midorii-browwser. com and the person may think it is the same, now apply this example to a bank. bancolombia.com bancolombiaaa.com
  • Blocking sites with child abuse content.
  • There are 5 more security settings to activate and you can see the screenshot in (English) by clicking here.

Privacy Options

  • Native blocking of certain platforms: Windows, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Amazon Alexa, Roku, Sonos.
  • Ad and tracker blocking: It has been configured with block lists from Adguard, EasyList, OISD, WindowsSpyBlock, among others.
  • Blocking third-party trackers.
  • You can see the image of the options that we have enabled by clicking here.

Soporte Web3

We have added support to Web3, Web3 refers to a decentralized, censorship-resistant online ecosystem composed of innovative technologies such as blockchain-based domain registries (e.g. Ethereum Name Service) and distributed content storage and delivery networks (e.g. example, IPFS). Users will not have to install any extension to enjoy IPFS, ENS , UnstoppableDomains, HandShake among other services, thus preserving privacy but also maintaining the lightness of Midori.

Against censorship

In Astian we are compressed with a free and uncensored Internet, therefore, to this service we have not applied any rule that prohibits access to navigation to any country in the world, on the contrary we have applied rules to bypass the majority of rules and filters. However, in some countries the blocking may be so strong that navigation using MidoriDNS may be affected, something that may make it difficult for us to evade or avoid this service.

¿Porque MidoriDNS es gestionado y no autogestionado?

At Astian, as in our products and services, we have always been committed to the privacy and security of users but also to the lightness, speed and agility of our solutions. What do we mean by lightness and agility? so that the software, the web, desktop or mobile application, works as quickly as possible, making use of the least amount of device resources (ram memory, hard drive, processor) for both the user and the server, taking into account Given this premise, we have decided to place the managed service in order to defer the burden that the integration of all these solutions and measures will entail in Midori, therefore we take this service to a server that is located in the European Union, in order to provide you with the confidence and transparency to users that their data and information is protected by strong legislation, which requires us to have responsible and legal use. Keeping our motto, Midori is a lightweight, fast, secure browser that promotes user privacy.

We retain logs and/or records for 6 hours, which makes us the service with the least time in record retention. So what happens? They are forever deleted from the servers.

Effectiveness tests against GAFAM

MidoriDNS now block trackers Gafam

Lockdown effectiveness

Astian Commitments to Midori Services and Tools

At Astian we are aware of the privacy of users, therefore our commitment to this service will be as follows:

  • Maintain records solely and exclusively for 6 hours, a task that is scheduled and carried out automatically.
  • Do not sell the information.
  • Do not profile users.
  • Always be transparent with the processes and communicate decisions through communications, always listening to the community and taking into account their voice when making decisions.

Little by little we will be updating more information about this new service, we remember this service will be integrated into the Midori browser but the user will have to decide whether to use it or not.

It has always been a pleasure to work for our users.

Alfonso Hernandez
Astian, Inc

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