Announcement:Midori browser with Multi-Idioma arrives

Midori 11.1 multi-language browser, 32bit and more

Un vistazo de Midori 11.1
Approximately 11 days ago we launched Midori version 11, a version that marks a milestone in the development of Midori, which has always stood out for its lightness, speed security and respect for user privacy. Today 11 days after the publication we released Midori 11.1 with novelties that impact all our users and without a doubt it allows us to achieve one more degree of stability and functionality for all.


News General

  • Astiango search engine as a predetermined search engine is stated
  • Support multi-language.
  • Fix of images and iconographia.
  • 32bit architecture support for GNU/Linux & Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Improvement of multimedia files, improvements in video reproduction.
  • Improvements in the synchronization of tabs, history, markers, passwords etc with the Mozilla Account service.

News for GNU/Linux

  • Thanks to Loc-OS we have deployed our own repository for debian/ubuntu distributions, in the Midori aid section in Spanish you can find the instructions add the repo and to update and install Midori from the repository. We have enabled the 32 -bit support for Deb, Ubuntu, MINT and this whole family distributions.
  • Puppy Linux He is the best friend of our Armadillo lizard (animal that represents Midori’s pet), and for him we have also extended the 32bit support, as well as offering an official package for the distribution of the puppy.

News para Windows

  • The multi-language support also reaches Windows as well as the support of 32bit architectures, now they can resurrect that Windows device and sail on the web very quickly.

Note: We continue working on translations for multiple languages and in each update we will improve the support for each language.

Thanks to our sponsor and active and important members such as josejp24, nilsonmorales, among others.

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