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To increase your privacy, Now Midori Protect My Privacy

Midori Protect My Privacy

A few years ago, before Facebook, before Twitter, Amazon, Google, and the big tech companies, there was anonymity when browsing the web, not very advanced but it existed. Today, around the start of 2024, the panorama is very different, 99.9 of the applications have some type of tracker, some for advertising purposes, others for tracking purposes, others for analysis and profiling, among many others.

This in itself is not bad, because it is developed from a personal perspective, I think that developers should obtain certain types of information: For example, when the application breaks, When it presents a problem, this type of tracker is called Crash. Report, here comes the worrying thing, at what point do the trackers become the villains?

When they start tracking your activity, have you ever searched on Yahoo, flights to Cancun, or Nike Shoes, 5 minutes later on Instagram, on Facebook, on Tik Tok, even on Google itself, offers begin to appear, this is due to the trackers and the profiles they create about you from these. 

This is where Midori Protect My Privacy comes in.

Midori Protect My Privacy

Midori Protect My Privacy or MPMP It is an open source and free software tracker blocker, this in order to promote transparent development and cooperation with other projects, but will Midori protect my privacy? The Midori Browser will protect you and provide you with a lot of security and privacy but Midori Browser with the tracker blocker will be even more powerful and precise without sacrificing resources since we have remained and will remain light.

To make the entire experience more private, Midori PM Privacy integrates our AstianGO search engine, significantly reducing the digital footprint of users, thanks to the security parameters.

Options MPMP

Although it will come by default in the Midori browser, the user has to activate and configure it. and the image above is the first thing the user sees when setting it up.

Level of protection

Midori Protect My Privacy in this version 1.0 will have two protection modes, Standard & Strict, but in future versions we will include a third protection mode. Premium.

Level protection of Midori Protect

congrats Midori Protect My Privacy

Where will Midori PM Privacy be available?

Midori Protect My Privacy, as previously communicated, will be the default blocker for the Midori Browser, but it will also be available for users of other browsers:

When will Midori PM Privacy be available?

Midori PM Privacy will be available in Midori in the next update, but for other browsers it will arrive first, over the next week.


We work to provide the best open source tools that guarantee the privacy and security of our users, since that is our pillar and our reason for being. Expect this and other news soon.

Midori PM Privacy will be available in Midori in the next update, but for other browsers it will arrive first, over the next week.

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