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Since 2021, Bliss and Astian have been working together, Astian providing applications and services and Bliss adding these applications as can be seen in this note but today this alliance expands and begins a bigger one.

The Astian Group and the Bliss Group join together to work together on hardware products and software services, thus covering the needs of users and allowing convergence between our products and services all done with privacy and security for users..

We will explain a little how this union is composed.

Desktop operating system

We will develop an operating system using the Linux base which will be named AstianOS. AstianOS is developed under a Rolling Release model, maintaining security and the latest applications, but that is not all. AstianOS will be a multipurpose system with great orientation towards lightness and ease of use, and thanks to the support of Android applications it will have facilities for gaming thanks to Waydroid it will have support for Android applications.

But there is more

There is more? Yes, there is more, in our virtual store we are going to sell fully optimized devices, laptops, desktop computers and accessories, for gaming for work and the best we will be giving away to buyers.

Services and Applications

We will provide Services such as:

  • Cloud storage.
  • Album App.
  • Phone App.
  • SMS App.
  • Contact App.
  • File Manager
  • And other applications

These applications and services will be available in the different application stores and users will receive gifts for registering and for purchasing a subscription.

Mobile operating system

The market is already saturated with large device manufacturers that do a fabulous job but invade the privacy of users. For the moment we are not going to manufacture our devices, but we are going to market devices from Samsung, Xiaomi and/or Google and install them. our optimized mobile operating system that allows interaction with the desktop operating system.

The mobile operating system will come with applications and services and some relevant Google applications.

It should be noted that in this alliance and association priority is given and work is based on the security and privacy of users and their information since user data is not marketed, invasive advertising is not sold and invasive profiling of users is not carried out users.

Astian Team

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