Incredible Features of Midori Browser Part 1

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The new version of Midori Browser 11 is codenamed sugar and comes packed with new features and features that will sweeten and improve users’ experience when browsing the web.

And we want to tell you what are those features and improvements that Midori Browser 11 brings ready for our users.

Always light never heavy

The Midori browser has always been characterized as a lightweight, extremely fast and secure browser without losing functionality, and although in this new version consumption has increased, we continue to abide by this principle.

We do not see other browsers as competition since there is a market for everyone and we can all coexist in a certain harmony as long as the principles of the web are not disrespected, but there are undoubtedly some that are lighter than others. This visualization of the processes was made with the cousin/brother browser LibreWolf.

Midori Browser vs LibreWolf

This comparison allows us to deduce a resource consumption similar to version 10.0.2. We know that we can and will improve performance by making consumption even lower, allowing us to have Midori on new, powerful, old computers and as many devices as possible.

Advanced Tab Management

Midori Browser 11 brings with it exceptional tab management, giving the user the ability to configure and manage tabs according to their preferences.

Enter the options are:

  • Group tabs.
  • add tabs to specific containers or workspaces.
  • change tab behavior.
  • and many more options

Midori Browser 11 with Advanced Tab Management

But not everything ends here in the design or style section, we can further customize the tabs, the position, the orientation, see the design, the position and other options that make Midori an exceptional Browser.

Customization options

Midori brings with it customization options for all those users who want to adapt the browser to their needs, we adapt to the users, not the users to us.

Among some of the customization options are:
  • Design and general appearance of the browser, users have up to 4 appearance modes.

Change of appearance and themes of Midori Browser

  • Change tab style.

Tabs Style Midori Browser

  • Mode Light & Dark for the theme and website.


Custom theme and website for Midori Browser

Excellent other options, these and many more to make Midori your browser.

OTA Updates

Updates will no longer be a headache regardless of the operating system, now we can offer users instant updates, For Linux users and some distributions, it is no longer necessary to wait for the package to arrive in their repositories, now you just have to wait for the Midori notification that says. There is an update available, this same process applies to Windows & MacOS.

Midori Browser OTA updates

This is the first part where we tell the news and features of Midori before the official publication of version 11.

We thank the users who trust us and use us, and we want to remind them that Astian is you, you are not the product.

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