Announcing AstianGO 2.0 Beta

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AstianGO 2.0 Beta Arrival

AstianGO is a search engine launched together with version 3 of Midori Browser for Android, but it quickly became a benchmark and users of other search engines and browsers began to use it due to its speed and, above all, its privacy.

But we know that there is a lot of work and many improvements, that’s why we bring a beta of what will be the new AstianGO search engine, which is temporarily hosted at What improvements does AstianGO 2.0 bring?

New features

  • Autocomplete.
  • Dark mode.
  • Safesearch.
  • Config language.
  • Improvements in the speed of searches and results.
  • Improvements in results pressure.
  • Improvements in viewing and searching for images.
  • Improvements in viewing and searching for videos.
  • Improvements in viewing and searching for torrents.
  • News Support.
  • Improvements to information cards.
  • Improvements in server resource management.
  • Among other

AstianGO is expected to launch on October 24 along with Midori Browser 11, we are waiting for news and suggestions from users.

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