Announcing Midori Browser 10.0.4 Beta for Linux

Midori & Puppy Linux

Midori Browser: The lightest browser launches a new beta

Midori Browser has always been a lightweight browser, a secure and extremely fast browser that has been our hallmark and features that make Midori attractive to all types of users.

After our first Midori Browser 10.0.3 beta a few days ago, users were delighted, they loved Midori and there was a significant increase in downloads, thus requesting to accelerate the development and publication of new versions but respecting our update cycle.

But what are the improvements available in this beta version?

Improvements in the initial wizard

Look at the images and the simplicity of the initial Midori configurator

Welcome screen Midori
Template Midori Browser

Reading Mode

An intuitive but powerful reading mode

Performance Modes

As we have already said, Midori is a web browser, it is a lightweight browser, but it is powerful, which is why we have included performance modes in version 10.0.3, but in version 10.0.4, that is, in this version we have improved those modes. Making improvements.

  • Low power.
  • Power Balance.
  • High performance

In addition to this, there are also other options to improve performance independent of the three performance modes mentioned above.

Performance mode Midori

Other minor improvements

We have made minor improvements to the appearance, animations and settings for Windows and MacOS systems.

We remind our users, although we are launching Midori for Linux at the moment, Midori will also be available for Linux, MacOS, Windows Android and later iOS, below you can find the download buttons.

Thanks to Juan José Peralta josejp2424, Tony, Comunidad Canaima, Jorge, Nilson, lcabrera, a whole team of packagers, testers, designers

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