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Midori Browser integrates Astian Cloud

Midori is a browser that has always thought lightly about being as optimal and light as possible, but we know that users want more, without compromising the resources of their computers. We know that storage on devices is important, that is why at Midori we have basically integrated a cloud storage system called Astian Cloud.

Astian Cloud is a cloud storage service that promotes the privacy and security of user information. In this alliance we are going to give away 25GB of cloud storage, users will be able to register and store the information on their computers. In a future version, updates and improvements, users will have the ability to download files directly from Midori to Astian Cloud, they will also be able to transfer files from Astian Cloud to Midori & the device and providing security options against viruses, trojans, malware and ransomware
It should be noted that users will be able to independently access Astian Cloud from the URL

Where can I find Astian Cloud from Midori Browser?

Astian Cloud is located in the sidebar.

Cloud & Midorii

Try Astian Cloud for free

We invite users to register with Astian Cloud and enjoy all the benefits of Astian and Midori.

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